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A browser game and Android app to guess the day of the week for random dates.
Felix Klein Protokolle
An index of seminars 1872 to 1912.
Formal BOOK
An attempt to formalize Proofs from THE BOOK using Lean.
Github Labels
A bug report and explanation of how to choose a background color.
Classifications and realizations
Combinatorial spheres, polytopes and oriented matroids.
Equiareal Triangulations
Triangulations of the triangle with equal areas.
More terms of a sequence defined by Cloitre
This is A186253 in the OEIS.
Platonic inclusions
A visualization of polyhedral containment.
Kissing cylinders
A visualization of cylinders kissing a sphere.
Hypercube unfoldings
3d animations of all 261 unfodings of the 4-dimensional hypercube.
Counting hypercube unfoldings
Generating unfoldings of the hypercube.



AutoNumerics-Zero: Automated Discovery of State-of-the-Art Mathematical Functions
  • Esteban Real
  • Yao Chen
  • Mirko Rossini
  • Connal de Souza
  • Manav Garg
  • Akhil Verghese
  • Moritz Firsching
  • Quoc V. Le
  • Ekin Dogus Cubuk
  • David H. Park
, 2023.
Intelligent Matrix Exponentiation
  • Thomas Fischbacher
  • Iulia M. Comșa
  • Krzysztof Potempa
  • Moritz Firsching
  • Luca Versari
  • Jyrki Alakuijala
, 2020.

Journal papers

The complete enumeration of 4-polytopes and 3-spheres with nine vertices
  • Moritz Firsching
Israel Journal of Mathematics
, 2020.
JPEG XL next-generation image compression architecture and coding tools
  • Jyrki Alakuijala
  • Ruud van Asseldonk
  • Sami Boukortt
  • Martin Bruse
  • Iulia M. Comșa
  • Moritz Firsching
  • Thomas Fischbacher
  • Evgenii Kliuchnikov
  • Sebastian Gomez
  • Robert Obryk
  • Krzysztof Potempa
  • Alexander Rhatushnyaki
  • Jon Sneyers
  • Zoltan Szabadka
  • Lode Vandevenne
  • Luca Versari
  • Jan Wassenberg
SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications
, 2019.
SO(8)SO(8) supergravity and the magic of machine learning
  • Iulia M. Comșa
  • Moritz Firsching
  • Thomas Fischbacher
Journal of High Energy Physics
, 2019.
Computing Maximal Copies of Polyhedra Contained in a Polyhedron
  • Moritz Firsching
Experimental Mathematics
, 2015.
Real equivariant bordism for elementary abelian 2-groups
  • Moritz Firsching
Homology, Homotopy and Applications
, 2013.


Lecture Topology I
Wintersemester 2017/18
Vorlesung Mathematisches Panorama
Wintersemenster 2017/18
Vorlesung Panorama der Mathematik
Sommersemester 2017